The Brief

Most Wanted Wines asked us to find a new and relevant way to engage with a young, socially-connected audience. In a way that would resonate and matter to them.

We landed on dating, so went on the lookout for the best partner to help us tap into that culture with authenticity and creativity.

What We Did

Thursday Dating leapt out as the on-trend and on-point option. Our collaboration offered two lucky first-daters the chance to visit a vineyard in the South of France, tasting Most Wanted’s fine Picpoul de Pinet en route.

The Outcome

We brought the Most Wanted brand to a new, hyper-relevant audience. Over the competition period we added over 2,500 followers, notched 120k video views of our wrap-up video and (fingers-crossed) made 1 new couple.

Love is always the answer.