The Brief

SweatSearch are on a mission to bring like-minded individuals together around the common goal of self-improvement and to facilitate them on that journey.

The plan is to revolutionise personal training by offering a convenient, on-demand booking app - enabling users to choose the time, place and price of sessions with local fitness instructors.

The Approach

We identified and engaged directly with personal trainers, pairing them with beta users to demonstrate the app in action. The result is engaging content that simply communicates the benefits of the SweatSearch app.

We thought System would just run our social media accounts, but they take it a step further. They have taken this on as their own project, rather than just someone we hired for the job. That has instilled a lot of trust.

Marcel Huisman, Director

Our stream of short-form video content - for Instagram and TikTok - then supplements the core messaging and help users extend their training regime from home.

The Outcome

In the first months of our partnership we have launched TikTok and Instagram channels, created the base of content needed to help them grow and collaborated with 10 personal trainers through our launch.

We are now set to launch the brand with a target audience of those beginning a fitness journey in the UK, with aspirations moving further afield. One to keep an eye on!