A new category of direct-booking personal fitness.

A new category of direct-booking personal fitness.

  • Client SweatSearch
  • Services Strategy, Outreach, Paid Social
  • Kick-off June 2020
  • sweatsearch.com

We are helping SweatSearch on their mission to bring like-minded individuals together with a common goal of self improvement.

The brand plan to revolutionise personal training by offering a convenient and on-demand booking app - enabling users to choose the time, place and price of sessions with local fitness instructors.

A new category of direct-booking personal fitness.

Our partnership with SweatSearch began by building a social strategy that would be executed to create the content needed to drive adoption - as well as ensuring that this content reaches our target audience and receives the right levels of attention.

We thought System would just run our social media accounts, but they take it a step further. They have taken this on as their own project, rather than just someone we hired for the job. That has instilled a lot of trust.

Marcel Huisman, Director

A core part of our scope is to build a community of users, influencers and personal trainer subscribers - so that the platform launches with momentum and volume. Each month we add 200 contacts to a CRM that continues to grow and build equity for the business.