The Brief

Goolf helps a new generation of players connect, meet and play with others. Their intuitive app matches users locally to those with similar handicaps and interests, as well as raising their game because of the performative benefits of playing with like-minded individuals.

Our role has been to help the brand launch and find its gears on social. Covering all bases in organic, earned and paid to help drive initial awareness, interest and installs.

The Approach

There is a large emerging generation of new golf players, with the game crossing-over into fashion and broader youth culture. Collaborating closely with the client team, we selected talent and creators that would resonate with a new generation of players crossing-over into lifestyle and broader youth culture.

Our shoots dramatise the core function of the app to connect players, whilst at the same time showcasing a new vibe for the sport. With key content edited and used to build a funnel of interest through paid social.

The Outcome

Collaborations have amassed over 2m impressions, bringing the brand and app to a new generation of socially-engaged golfers. Over three months we have seen a 133% increase in followers along with a 7% engagement rate.