90% Social, 10% Media is an agency mantra. Ensuring our brands are reflected authentically in the people they collaborate with is our internal measure.

Our approach to influencer marketing is to build dedicated networks for each client. Identifying the best collaborators based on brand fit as well as their content, platform, following and engagement. Rather than work from a CRM that is shared across our portfolio of clients.

By approaching influencer marketing in this way, we ensure that partnerships are authentic and meaningful for each brand. With influencers relationships that grow deeper and more valuable with each collaboration.

Talent Identification

Whether big-hitters or longer-tails of emerging talent is needed, we bring together suggestions that combine brand-fit, social performance and cultural association to land consistent on-brand collaborations. 

Crew Development

Bringing together regular creators and brand fans, we build creator networks for clients who want to build ongoing relationships to deliver collaborations underpinned by a strong brand association.

Ambassador Management

Achieving long-term performance from contracted ambassadors means nurturing relationships with quality creators closely aligned with our clients' brand values. Guiding content and message along the way to ensure it resonates.