What's it all about?

Have you heard about Bare Minimum Mondays or Quiet Quitting? Well, in the post-pandemic world - corporate office roles, commuting to work or bureaucracy are the enemies of Gen Z’s career expectations. 

With the rise of 'Eat the Rich', ever-high consumption and simply - burnout, a new trend has emerged: the 'Lazy Girl Job'. 

With over 36.8 million views on TikTok, the #lazygirljob trend has soared in popularity, leading to spikes in searches for related roles.

So, we did a bit of digging to see which were the most sought-after Lazy Girl Jobs. The results are in…

Discovering the top Lazy Girl Jobs

Community Moderator and Social Media Manager scored a combined 214k searches on TikTok and Reddit. Desk-based and remote roles like writing, designing and developing are all understandably featured. 

But, are these roles really a lazy person's dream job?

@lizzie_libertymind Lazy Girl Jobs isnt just a trend. Its a statement for how ridicual work has become. Unhealthy and unrealistic. I was interviewed by Grazia UK for their feature on Lazy Girl Jobs, and what it means for workplace culture. #lazygirljobs #lazygirljob #graziauk #culturecoach #workplaceculture #genz #genzworklife ♬ original sound - Liberty Mind

There is not much laziness about a Lazy Job Girl, mind you. While research suggests that social media management is the ultimate, there's more to it than meets the eye. 

@gabrielle_judge The lazy girl job trend us here to stay in 2023. Its an accumulation or quiet quitting and your personal boundaries at work and work life balance. You can ask me how to fet a lazy girl job. You can tell me how much you hate your boss. Or how much you love your new job. I please advise you to be careful about posting about this trend as some people do not understand what you are talking about. And your employer can take it the wrong way. #toxicmanager #corporategreed #overworkedunderpaid #9to5 ♬ original sound - Anti Work Girlboss

The infamous trend name might be misleading, as the core of the ideology behind the trend is in the work-life balance and setting clear boundaries. Young generations want to work smarter, not harder. 

They know that a healthier approach will help them prevent burnout and ultimately lead to longer careers and happier lives.

@gabrielle_judge Replying to @miss Delusional your work feels mentally draining because its boring. Entertainment and fulfillment isnt the goal of your job. The goal is to get done with work so you can go do the things that make you emotionally fulfilled. The lazy girl era is about inderstanding the transaction of your job and gaining your freedom and happiness back independently. #dreamjob #corporateamerica #9to5 #overworkedunderpaid #corporatejobstruggles #workisboring ♬ original sound - Anti Work Girlboss

Is this for you?

Lazy Girl roles are often dynamic and demand creative thinking, as well as the motivation to stay abreast of the rapid changes in the industry. 

Aspiring job seekers should look beyond the trendy hashtag and carefully assess the genuine demands of the roles on the top ten list before submitting their applications.