Why you shouldn’t write-off Twitter.
14/10/2021 @system.social

Why you shouldn’t write-off Twitter.

It’s the platform of ex-president Trump’s toilet tirades. The platform invented the hashtag. The platform that everyone seems to be one, but no-one uses.

Is Twitter dead? Good question.

Twitter may have a significantly smaller user-base than Facebook or Instagram, but with 192 million daily active users, that base is nothing to sniff at. During COVID, its population grew over 8% - and keeps growing.

Is all that enough to save a platform Gen Z kids think is ‘cheugy’ and no-one over the age of 50 used in the first place? The surprising answer: probably. The perception that Twitter is ‘dead’, or at least a marketing dud, is a-statistical.

Here are two reasons why Twitter could be an indispensable addition to your marketing strategy.

Twitter boasts an incredible conversion into sales.

Twitter’s Q3 2020 report showed that users are increasingly engaging with ads - something that has been a challenge for the network in the past. Ad engagement is up 27%. CPE (cost per engagement) is down 9%.

Given that somewhere between 40-50% of users have made a purchase after seeing the product in question on the platform, these are strong figures for potential advertisers.

Twitter creates trends.

Winning hashtags on Twitter move over to other platforms. Celebrity spats get grabbed and reposted to Instagram. In the real sense of the word, Twitter has influence. It shapes what trends are hot or not on the internet, and your business can’t afford to be left behind when Twitter decides your competitor is the bee’s knees.

The phenomenon of Twitter-induced trends is no doubt due to the high level of engagement on the platform. Engagement that can’t be reduced to retweets and likes. Real conversations, passionate arguments, discourse. The weird landscape of Twitter allows experts, celebrities, and the rest of us to interact together. Twitter is a democracy where each user has a vote.

People dictate trends on Twitter. Not an algorithm.

If you want people to talk about your business, then Twitter is the perfect platform. The very format of a Tweet emphasises user opinions. Photos and videos do feature, but the real meat of Twitter content is words. Instagram is great for showing off product imagery. TikTok is great for showing it in motion. But Twitter gets people to actually talk.

We all know the power of word-of-mouth. It’s free and has the amazing ability to capture the loyalty of real people. Twitter can set the ball rolling, and get your target audience into a conversation about your brand.

Twitter still has a role to play.

Twitter is an invaluable addition to your marketing strategy. With strong conversion into sales and the ability to start real conversations, it is as useful as it is unique. It remains the best platform to put opinions at the centre.

Whilst the rest of the internet migrates to fast-paced video content and the endless scroll. If you want someone to watch 0.6 seconds of video and move on, go to TikTok. If you want an ex-president, the head of NASA, and your Uncle Larry to take each other on in a debate, Twitter is your only choice.