Wearable tech brands to keep close.
13/11/2020 @system.social

Wearable tech brands to keep close.

No longer the remit of science-fiction, wearable technology has become a reality in even the most mundane parts of our day-to-day lives. Where we once we looked to the transporter beacon badges and optical enhancement visors of Star Trek, now we have the FitBit, the Apple Watch and - albeit briefly - the Google Glass.

Of course, there are wearable tech companies out to do more than measure your steps and keep you from losing your boarding passes. Some brands are not only creating new technologies, but new ways of moving through the world.


Founded in 2017, Belgian startup Loop is a gift to those looking for a quieter life without a change of pace. Less physically obtrusive than headphones and more stylish than earbuds, Loop's metallic ring design filters noise and reduces decibel levels, preserving clarity.

Whether it's a case of calming sensory overload or simply turning down the volume of the world as a personal preference, Loop has the potential to change the sound of modern living as we know it.

Wearable tech brands to keep close.


We covered WearWorks' Weyband technology previously in a conversation with brand co-founder Kevin Yoo. Described as a 'wristband that gently guides you to your end destination using vibrations,' Weyband creates a virtual corridor for movement and acts as a potentially life-changing tool for those with visual impairment issues.

Wearable tech brands to keep close.


Founded back in 2013 in Oulu, Finland, Ōura is kind of what you'd imagine a Fitbit to be – if a Fitbit was smaller and more powerful, ticking both the boxes of high-design and high-performance wearable technology.

Tracking your movements and vital signs throughout the day (and, crucially, the night) Ōura boils down complex data into three scores: 'Readiness', 'Sleep' and 'Activity', making good on their promise to make 'accurate health information accessible to everyone.'

Wearable tech brands to keep close.


Switzerland-based startup Ava have made the smart, necessary and - some might say - well overdue decision to steer wearable technology away from its more male-focused tendencies.

Worn during the night and then synced with the accompanying app in the morning, the Ava bracelet is designed - in the form of a faceless watch in some very alluring pastel tones - to track detailed data on ovulation and fertility cycles, producing understandable and accessible guidelines to improve the wearer's chances of conception.

Wearable tech brands to keep close.


While it may be the stuff of nightmares for sufferers of trypophobia, for cycling and sustainability heads, the HEXR helmet is a real game-changer.

Not only is the 3D-printed HEXR custom-made to the specifications of each individual wearer, the helmet is made entirely from polyamide-11. In short: the HEXR is plant-based and more structurally sound than your everyday helmet. And you'll never see another like it.

Wearable tech brands to keep close.
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