Unlimited creativity. A new era of business.
22/07/2020 @system.social

Unlimited creativity. A new era of business.

Creative people have a choice.

You have something you know is inherently valuable.
You know that you could easily trade it for less than it’s worth.
You know that doing this will also push down its value forever.

On the other hand, you could keep it close.
You could allow it to appreciate, develop and grow.
You could use it to affect meaningful change.

Do you find work and take it, or work and see where it can take you?

Careers are changing.

Previously, you go to school, you get a job, you go to work. Maybe university is in there somewhere. Maybe it isn’t.

Regardless, you are encouraged to believe that, as a reward for working hard, you are free to enjoy your life once you’re off the job. That the world is waiting for you when you clock out, just as you left it when you began.

But the world isn’t waiting. It never waits.

People are changing the ways they navigate the working world. Careers aren’t structured the way they used to be. And, for the most part, that’s a good thing. The path from graduation to retirement is neither as linear nor as roadblocked as it once was. Retirement isn't even the finish line anymore.

New pathways are creating a movement of more progressively-minded businesses. Forward-thinking, innovative and able to respond as each situation requires. They measure success on their own terms. They are free to ask only what they want to achieve. Then decide, for themselves, how to go about it.

Social creates opportunities.

Social platforms have been essential in facilitating change. They have allowed people to find community - but, in doing so - also find avenues to develop ideas, projects and brands that create opportunity.

Generation Y may have been the first set of true digital natives, but the social media generation isn’t nearly so neatly defined by age.

Those, of any age or background, with drive and motivation can now build a strong, engaged and substantial platform - without the need for corporate backing. They are free to speak, create and progress as they see fit.

Values are shifting.

Being free to think about yourself – about your own wants, needs and desires – doesn’t end there. Creativity, given the opportunity, is now casting its net more widely, picking up and picking apart bigger issues and their possible solutions.

In the face of systemic injustice, ecological ruin, failing education and a system of capitalism no longer able to regulate itself, what value can personal success alone truly have when the whole world is staring at a bigger picture?

More connected than ever before, with instant access to boundless data, a new wave of entrepreneurs is once again lending out its talent. Creativity is not only put to work, but put to task.

Sustainability. Mental health issues. Biodiversity. Environmental catastrophe.

The search for elegant solutions to complex problems has become the only reasonable way forward - and creative people have decided that is a more compelling challenge than the churn they'd previously been sold.

A new generation.

Emerging business owners and brand builders are allowing their creativity to lead them.

Where once they were inhibited by the corporations to which they lent their talents – by ideology and by the profitability of maintaining the status quo. Now, they are channeling that creativity into avenues they have carved out for themselves, democratising the process and encouraging the free flow of ideas.

They are no longer 'going to work'. They are working. And it feels good.

A generation unified by passion – by ideals put into practice. Diverse in age, ethnicity, gender and ideology, they are crafting a new way of living and of working.

They are beholden only to themselves and to their vision of the future. There is no way, now, but forward.