Sustainable streetwear brands to know.

Sustainable streetwear brands to know.

Fast fashion has had its day. Conscious clothing is the future. Or, at least, it needs to be if we’re going to have any kind of future at all.

With the Sustainable Fashion Business conference taking place online this week, it’s clear now that sustainability and style aren’t mutually exclusive: it’s 2020 and we’ve progressed beyond baggy hemp trousers.

Thanks to a new generation of forward-thinking brands with new technologies and new ways of working, sartorial excellence and green credentials come as a single, stylish package.


A portmanteau of Pangea and Gaia, PANGAIA wears its commitment to eco-friendly fashion on its sleek, minimalist sleeve. Describing itself as “a materials science company on a mission to save our environment,” the direct to consumer brand trades in block colours and wardrobe staples, all crafted from innovative, sustainable materials.

Sustainable streetwear brands to know.


NOAH have always taken sustainability seriously. It isn’t just a part of what they do, it’s the basis for every decision that Brendon Babenzien's NYC-based label makes.

So much so, in fact, that the founder won’t even agree to categorise the label as “sustainable” — despite their donations to environmental causes and commitment to using recycled materials where possible.

Noah’s messaging is actually much more radical: simply, “buy less stuff.”


A cult favourite in the outerwear game, Cold Laundry has been making steps toward sustainability with its limited runs and material choices for a while now. Their latest collection has them upping the stakes and pushing their green agenda — as well as their designs — forward even further.


Magnus Ronning’s eponymous label haven’t built their reputation on sustainability, but they are staking their name on it now.

With a slow but steady release schedule, Ronning take time to focus on individual pieces — like their new mohair cardigan — and the processes behind them.

Sustainable streetwear brands to know.


Ethically made, fair trade, vegan and sustainability-focused: Plant Faced tick pretty much every box when it comes to progressive credibility.

Committed to producing ‘uncompromising quality garments,’ the UK-based label uses recycled and organic fabrics and water-based inks to produce a range that’s at least 75% eco-friendly. A number to be proud of.

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