No, you can’t just fake it.

No, you can’t just fake it.

You’ve heard the phrase ‘fake it till you make it’. Well, welcome to the internet.

The truth is, when it comes to social media, you can spot a fake from miles away. Thousands of followers but only four likes on every picture? That doesn’t seem right. Hundreds of comments all saying the same thing? Just doesn’t add up.

When it comes to social media, being real is everything. But what does it take?


Liars get caught out on social. It’s a forum for discussion, and the conversation can quickly turn against you.

With so much misleading information published online, you owe it to yourself to be straight down the line with what you share.


Creating an authentic social media platform also means speaking in your own voice.

You can’t expect people to understand or engage with your brand if the way you post doesn’t reflect who you are. It’s not enough to see what your peers and competitors are doing and emulate that.

Be open. Tell the whole story. Don’t cherry-pick the good bits.


Find your voice and be consistent with it. Sounding like a human with idiosyncrasies immediately puts you ahead of the game in terms of provoking engagement.

Your followers are a lot more likely to want to talk to a person than they are to converse with a product.


One of the pitfalls of social media is that it becomes overestimate your knowledge, talent or popularity. But, arrogance loses friends and followers in the long-run.

Talk to followers on their terms. Be eye level with them, and don't let ego get in the way when building relationships.


An authentic social media presence is both the ultimate goal and the way you go about achieving it.

Cultivating authenticity not only fosters a stronger rapport with your followers, but also a sense of trust. When your followers know who they’re dealing with, they’re much more likely to become your customers.