Future Facing. The year ahead in social.
14/01/2022 @system.social

Future Facing. The year ahead in social.

2021 continued to disrupt how we live and interact with each other, with social evolving rapidly to keep up with behavioural change.

Our first Future Facing report looks at the year ahead, as we discover which developments were covering a short-term need and which are set to become longer-term fixtures in the way we live.


1. Creating in communities

Influencer marketing is leaving consumers feeling cold. Brands need to work with a new generation of creators to connect with fans meaningfully.

2. Shopping on social

The growth of online retail continues to accelerate. As platforms roll-out enhanced shopping integrations and features, social media will start to grow its share of shopping.

3. Connecting with care

Social channels have been thrust into the limelight during the pandemic, with social and customer care teams needing to work much more closely.

4. Engaging through sound

Social audio has been a lifeline for many during a pandemic that has left them isolated and disconnected. It is now a permanent fixture in social plans.

5. Making it personal

Platforms now offer the technology that enables far more targeted and relevant content to be shared to consumers, who have come to expect that as standard.

6. Paying to play

Organic reach has now declined to such a level that makes it essential to deploy paid strategies to work alongside creative and compelling content.

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