Building a social funnel.

Building a social funnel.

Social media marketing is a lot more than getting likes and shares. Engagement is important, but it is only one step in building a social brand that performs from top to bottom of the funnel.

We believe that social will continue to develop as a critical growth channel and key driver of revenue for both B2B and consumer brands. Social media presences can become the primary vehicle for building brand long-term, alongside driving short-term commercial results.

How? By building a funnel.

By taking each objective in turn - Awareness, Engagement, Conversion and Advocacy - and ensuring that the content and strategies are on-plan to deliver on each.


In order to build a brand using social media, awareness is needed at the top of your funnel. Without that, there is no audience to engage with.

Your target audience needs to be able to find your brand, to know you are there, and to know you have the solution to their problem.

At the top of the funnel your brand proposition needs to be delivered in the most compelling and memorable way possible, as the target audience hears your story for the first time. Use video where possible, and find a creative way to deliver your message to maximise recall.


Once consumers are aware of your brand, they will need the content that fills the gaps in their knowledge.

The next interactions with your brand should deliver the specifics they need to help increase purchase intent for your product or service. Why are you better than the competition? What do you deliver that is different? What is unique in how you deliver value?

Employing social media to provide the detail needed to build trust will help move consumers towards taking action, whilst analysing comments, likes and shares on posts (and ads) will help determine effectiveness.


The ultimate goal of the social funnel is to deliver commercial growth to your brand. This is the point whereby your prospects become customers.

Helping consumers take action requires you to reinforce the value of your offer - helping to create an incentive for them to make the purchase, particularly if it's direct on your website.

Understanding the journey your audience is taking on your website - the content they've seen, the behaviours they've shown - will help to target the right messages to them and increase the rate of conversion.


The final stage of the funnel is to take your brand's new customers and convert them into being loyal brand advocates.

The most effective form of awareness comes from your customers, so one of the most valuable tactics across the social funnel is to incentivise them to spread the word.

Reward testimonials and reviews with loyalty discounts or exclusive access, creating awareness and credibility with an additional stream of prospective customers.

Powering growth through social

Building a social funnel requires that the right content and strategies are used across the above key stages. Taking your target audience from being unaware of your brand, through to becoming loyal fans that will help you spread the word.

As your social funnel grows, you will find areas to optimise and improve - building ROI and increasing the rate of commercial growth for your brand.