Coordinated social media just makes good sense*.

Coordinated social media just makes good sense*.

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  • Services Content, Strategy, Paid Social
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sense* educate and support people as they strive to create better lifestyles through nutrition. Increasing performance, health and well-being through a range of products that target a set of everyday needs.

The brand developed and diversified throughout 2020, as requirements and demands of food supplement brands developed unexpectedly.

Coordinated social media just makes good sense*.

Our starting point with sense* was to bring a consistent and aspirational art direction to the brand. Design templates were created in-line with content pillars to bring expected and familiar formats to social profiles. After which, product and lifestyle content shoots gave us the assets needed to bring our social profiles to life.

The key to System are the organisational skills from the top down. They actually have what they say on the tin...a system that works.

Jonathan Ebsworth, Founder

At the start of our relationship, we set targets of increasing reach and engagement by 40% - as well as increasing our social following by 60% - over a three month initial engagement. Those targets were achieved with organic activity alone.

Our weekly collaborations with health, nutrition and lifestyle influencers help increase trial and advocacy - resulting in earned reach that takes the sense* brand into new profiles and conversations.